Biography of  Kevin Lyle Murray (D)

                C.V. ​​
Kevin Lyle Murray ABD, MA

Politics Professor, 1989-Present

Humboldt State University (current) 
Arcata, California

Previous full-time posts:
Eastern Washington University
DeVry University, Fremont
Stanford University (School of Education)

Previous Adjunct posts:
American University
Santa Clara University
Golden Gate University
Community Colleges

Courses Taught:
California Politics
American Government
Congressional Politics
Presidential Politics
Judicial Politics
Ethnic Politics
Interest Group Politics
Comparative Politics
US Foreign Policy

Twentieth Century World History
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

CA Senator Alan Cranston (D)
San Francisco, CA

CA State Senator Becky Morgan (R)
Menlo Park, CA
(Opposition research)

Maritime Years:
U.S.Coast Guard Reserves,1990-2000
Maritime Professions, 1982-2000

ABD, Public Policy
Sustainability of Local Communities
Walden University 
(Summa Cum Laude, 4.0)

MA, Politics
American Politics
San Jose State University

MA, Congressional & Presidential Studies
Catholic University
(Expected 2018)

BA, Politics

American Politics
University of California, Davis

Palo Alto Unified School District
Escondido School, Terman JHS, Gunn HS

Sea Scout Quartermaster, BSA


A native Californian, our sunshine state has been my home for fifty-eight years. I was raised in the pre-Silicon Valley days of Palo Alto (and also on the Stanford Campus). 

During my formative years, I was fortunate to attend kindergarten through twelfth grade in the same home town. I had no idea what an idyllic learning environment I was exposed to. I thought everybody lived on a college campus or in a College Town. I want to give that experience to every Californian student.

My Dad (Ken) was a World War II veteran, educator, football coach, Scouting leader, and a  USC and Stanford graduate. He taught me the value of kindness and that education is the great equalizer. My mom (Isabel) practiced  her hair styling career for fifty-years while concurrently raising five boys. She taught me the value of multitasking and budgeting. Both came of age during the Great Depression and are part of that greatest generation. 

As the youngest of five sons, growing up in a large family taught me the value of teamwork, a strong work ethic, community service, and helping others succeed as one California family.

My interest to help all succeed through collective action began early as a 9th grade Student Senator. Raised in an innovative and intellectual environment, I was drawn to politics. Government and public policy is a force for good. I have a belief in harnessing the power of the citizen vote, public funding sources, and the courts to create a better society for today and for the future. I believe the only real power the vast majority of us have to counter balance the powerful and wealthy is our collective vote and legal decisions. 

​Our financial leverage comes from our public monies. To maintain and increases those resources, I seek to close tax loopholes on corporations, raise taxes on the elite 1%, and have modest taxes on products and services that create negative byproducts or conditions that cost us all some form of public money or quality of life. In addition, to avoid the type of national economic crash of 2007/08, I support continued and where necessary, enhanced regulatory oversight on the financial industry.

Following high school, I attended my local community college (Foothill College) and transferred to the University of California, Davis majoring in American Politics. I spent the 1980s as a part-time graduate student (San Jose State University) and worked a variety of maritime related posts (Harbormaster, Sailing Instructor, Coast Guard Licensed tour boat skipper, tugboat man, small business owner). Spending time on the San Francisco Bay and West Coast waters cemented my love for nature and the need to protect our natural resources. I am therefore a staunch defender of preserving our environment and shifting to a Green Economy for our District, State, and eventually our nation.

Beginning my college teaching career in 1989, I have spent the past twenty-seven years researching, teaching, living through, and observing the unique challenges in the State of California. Thanks to many progressive and insightful California state elected officials, we have made significant progress on several social and economic fronts. However, in the wake of our present national administration priorities and a far slower transition to
a Green Economy, I conclude teaching and researching on the need for change and reform is not enough.  

Now is the time. Global Warming, plus state, national, and global Air, Water, Noise, and Trash pollution are all areas requiring direct legislative intervention not more discussion and reports. In addition, it is time to stop our Debtor Society from the high cost of housing, health care, and a post secondary education. Alternatives to these life milestones can be offered thus unleashing a new era for quality of life, innovation, hope, and less stress and the mental health issues often related to our unhealthy society.

California is the state to be the national and global model for the new Green Economy and highest quality of life. A quality of life that trumps the prospect (with no guarantee) for just a material standard of living. 

Ours can be a District and a State that is peaceful, prosperous, innovative, a global economic leader, and a model for a quality of life sought by the rest of the State, nation and world. Toward beginning our transition for a sustainable and regenerative society, I humbly ask for your support and vote. Together, all things are possible!

Yours Aye for "the Second District and California Leading Forward!"

Kevin Lyle Murray (D)
2nd District Assemblymember Candidate