Political Platform

A Democratic For the 2nd District, for California - and "As California Goes, So Can the Nation!"


California Single Payer Health Care

The Green Economy

A Human Right and Quality of Life Issue

Good for the 2nd District, California, the Nation, and our Pocket Books!

Our campaign supports the Healthy California Act. We fully favor California's adoption of a universal, SINGLE PAYER plan that provides mental, dental, vision, and drug rehab in addition to primary care services. We know we can do it in a fiscally responsible way by following the models that dozens of other nations have set. Across the world, less money is spent on each individual for healthcare access that results in longer, healthier lives. California can lead the way for America, living up to our reputation. No co-payments. No deductibles. I support the reintroduction of S.B.562 to be crafted into the best healthcare bill our nation has ever seen. This is a big piece of the 'quality of life' puzzle our campaign hopes to discuss. All Californians deserve the best possible treatment. Every day in California, 5-10 people  die from lack of healthcare access. Each year, hundreds are forced to claim bankruptcy from medical bills. We can change this. My team and I look forward to making healthcare a human right, not a privilege, in our Golden State.

The science is clear. Human CO2 emissions has upset the natural balance of the carbon cycle. Global temperatures will continue to increase and oceans will continue to acidify and rise for decades and maybe centuries even if we completely stopped burning fossil fuels today.  However, we can begin to stop and reverse these challenges.

It is  past time to greatly reduce fossil fuel extraction and cease all subsidies for the industry, including the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). In particular, no new oil rigs off our beautiful California coast. Further, invest in renewable energy sources. My team will work to bolster incentives to buy electric cars powered by solar and wind energy. We will work to expand a new energy-efficient society that is globally-responsible and also creates a highly-profitable employment industry as we develop a sustainable and regenerative society for today and future generations.


Affordable Housing

Debt Free College

Downsize, first time buyers, renters, and the homeless

Public Colleges Create a New Middle Class

Far too many Californians are without houses. An even greater number live each day in fear of losing the roof over their heads. My campaign considers housing a basic human right and my team will continue the work to provide all Californians with a higher quality of life. 

Rent stabilization is an important first step forward. The Costa Hawkins Act currently allows landlords of second homes to raise rents as much as they like between leases in CA. This bill must be repealed immediately. Californians deserve protective affordable housing policies and we will make this a priority across our district and across the state.  My opponent essentially voted to keep the Costa Hawkins Act by abstaining to vote - in short, not voting yes to repeal the Act.

This is just one piece of the complex economic crisis we're facing. Housing costs coupled with student debt, medical bills, stagnant wages, inflation, limited jobs, and more lead many families into crushing debt. This, in turn, dims the creativity, hopes, and dreams that offer a shining light towards a brighter future for us all. 

Other affordable housing policies include the promotion of Tiny Homes, Measure J Housing, Habitat Homes for the Middle Class, and Micro Homes for those in transition. Moreover, affordable homes promote personal savings, and extra spending benefits our local business community. We can set the new affordable housing model in our Second Assembly District and California! 


I will also ensure that all employees qualify for overtime pay, including farm laborers. My opponent AGAIN voted against ovetime pay by abstaining to vote on this issue - just like he did on Rent Stabilization for our District and the State. 

In our complex and modern society, a bachelors degree holds the same marketing value as a high school diploma from the 1960's.  In effect, a college degree or an advanced tradeskill certification is a prerequisite just to get "the interview," not even the job. As a result, the vast majoirity of graduates are saddled with enormous debt and debt is bad for our economy and certainly the quality of life for millions of people. This debt comes with an average 7% interest while mortgages are typically 3%.  Wall Street borrows money from the Fed at 0.75% interest: in otherwords, gross greed in a rigged economy.  Our campaign will not stand for it. What launched the middle class in our nation was the GI Bill following World War II: free college and a down payment on a home. Today, in the era of a rapidly dwindling middle class, it's time for a Second New Deal: tuition-free public schools all the way through a master's degree. Or at a minimum, 50% tuition rollback. California can be the greatest example of higher education in America. It's time we prioritize our future.


Our second assembly district is home to the Emerald Triangle. Famed for its high-quality medicinal cannabis, this region supports tens of thousands of small family farms earning modest to moderate incomes and supporting their communities. Many of them are being forced out of the industry that their families have come to depend upon by not being able to afford the incredible costs associated with the county and state permitting processes still being developed and implemented. 
It is important that as California becomes a recreational cannabis state, that we protect the interests of local family farmers and the environment that North Coast Californians treasure. The industry and brand recognition that this region has come to be known for should certainly bring our region economic growth beyond 2018, and our campaign will work to responsibly balance the ecology of our rivers and forests with the inevitable growth ahead while never forgetting about the family farm.

  1. Community Safety
    Community Safety
    Community Safety is vital to all of us. I support neighborhood watch programs, community policing, volunteer Guardian Angels, and excellent citizen to police relations and partnerships. I also support citizen review committees.
  2. Education Matters
    Education Matters
    I support public education. As an educator nearing thirty-years, I appreciate the importance of an excellent public education. Problem solving, innovation, and social consciousness all come from a well educated electorate.
  3. Smart Growth
    Smart Growth
    I will promote incentives for cities to adopt Smart Growth policies that preserve a beautiful and desirable community. Green belts, open spaces, density caps, and height limits are examples of quality of life conditions for every neighborhood.
  4. Electoral Reforms
    Electoral Reforms
    Electoral reforms designed to increase the PUBLIC interest over special interests. Dual Single and Proportional Representation, Redistricting, Publicly Financed Campaigns, Voter Registration, and Vote by Mail all require change.
  1. Quality of Life
    Quality of Life
    A forty- hour work week and two-weeks off a year is abysmal. We need $15/hr min. wage and OT pay for all including Farm Laborers. Moreover, Four- week paid vacations, and staggered work hours to reduce traffic Statewide.
  2. Job Security
    Job Security
    I do not want people living in the 2nd District to be poor or commuting great distances (Silicon Valley) to find high paying career positions. I will be working on attracting high-tech employers to come to us & promoting on-line career options.
  3. Homeless Crisis
    Homeless Crisis
    Finding a job while homeless is unreasonable. I will seek funding for New Homeless Villages that include job training, placement, mental health, and addiction recovery services. Being a productive citizen benefits all of us.
  4. Police Protocols
    Police Protocols
    I have tremendous respect for the thin blue line that protects our communities. Addiction, depression, poverty, and firearms create a dangerous job. At the same time, I champion body cameras and new force protocols - statewide.

Lots of other issues, too

I have listed my top public policy priorities as your new Assemblymember for the 2nd District. However, there are several additional issues that I will be working on. For example, how to attract more Doctors and Nurses to serve near our rural communities. How to strike a balance between our beautiful open spaces while attracting new Green Energy employers and selective industries. And how to make sure our new marijuana industry is envrionmentally responsible and contributes to publically financed  addiction and enforcement programs.
I would also stress all my public policy proposals and positions are based on my current information, examples of best practices, and a genuine desire to create a political framework that promotes safe, prosperious, and environmentally responsible communities. If you bring to my attention information that points out unintended consequences or alternative approaches designed to achieve the same goals, I will be the first to adapt or change my public position based on this new information. In short, I believe in life long learning.
Please - email my office and let me know of your specific concern. My staff and I will carefully research the challenge, generate possible solutions, draft implementation and oversight protocols, and ensure there is a measurable and verifiable proposal in place so that - together - we can make living in the 2nd Assembly District, California, and our Nation - a gift and a blessing.

Summary of Key Differences Between the Incumbent and Kevin Lyle Murray

The Healthy California Act

Rent Stabilization in California

Overtime Pay for All Industries

I am for the Single Payer Health Care Plan. Jim Wood blocked this plan in Committee

Incubment Jim Wood as Chair of the Assembly Health Committee, blocked SB 562 the Healthy California Act - not just in our Second Assembly District but for all of California. In contrast, I support the immiediate passage of The Healthy California Act. He belives more "input" from the Health Insurance Industry and Doctors need to be consulted. In short, those that make millions of dollars in the health care industry. The Healthy California Act would eliminate the Health Insurance industry all togehter while still preserving resonable compensation for medical practices. We shoud not be suprised at Jim's alignment - especially as a Dentist. Moreover, of the identified near one-million dollars collected from past contributions, according to the Vote Smart Facts Matter site (that collects public domain information on all public officials), Jim's Health Industry contributions total $206, 461 dollars.  A list of amounts and type of Medical Interest Groups are widely listed. A sampling of those groups include: California Medical Association, Western Dental Services, California Permanente Groups, California Association of Health Plans, California Academy of Famiy Physicians, California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, PHRMA - Pharmaceutical interests, Tenet Health Care, Atnthem Inc, Cooperation of American Physicians, Medical Insurance Exchange of California, Aetna, CA Association of Health Facilities, Union of American Physicians and Dentists, and Molina Health Care
I support the repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Act of 1995 - Jim Wood abstained (same thing as voting no) thus killed the bill on the floor

We should not be suprised as to why Jim Wood does not support Rent Stablization in California. He accepted monies from the California Apartment Association  - an interest group committed to charging tennants as much as they can - each and every year. I have no problem landlords making money each month and year. However, unlimited rent hikes are unacceptable and represent pure greed in an environment of a housing crisis in California. The Costa Hawkins Act prevents cities from protecting renters from unresonable rent hikes. 

I support over time pay for all employees. Jim Wood abstained on this vote (same thing as voting against) when it comes to farm laborers

I am shocked. Farm laborers are paid so poorly as it is - and in horrible slave like conditions. And Jim could not support the dignity of overtime pay like we have for all other industries? This reflects the power and influence of the Agricultural industry in California and over Jim Wood, too. This issue is especially releveant to my own history. My grandparents and relations on my mother's side were poor farm laborers of the California central valley of Madera and Fresno from 1915 to the 1960s. I know firsthand of the horrific working conditions and abuses common against farm laborers in California. Moreover, as a past Union Representative for part-time college professors, we Union brothers and sisters must help to support one another in securing common employment practices. Alas, Jim received significant contributions from the Labor Community in his last election cycle. I hope they will reconsider their position and instead fund our message and dignity vision for all employees, statewide. 

Gun Restraining Order

In an attempt to reduce school and work place violence, a bill was put through the state legislature that would allow an individual at a school or work place to file a restraining order on a potential disgruntled employee, mental patient, or former student from acquing a weapon. Jim Wood abstained from voting for this bill. Despite Jim's lack of support for the legislation, the bill passed both chambers and was forwarded to Governor Brown. Brown vetoed the legislation arguing that he did not want to expand this protection to employees, mental health practioners, and educators. Brown concluded existing legislation covering only family members and law enforcement personnel was sufficient to protect public safety. Sadly, tell that to survivors of Work Place, School, and Hospital shootings. Brown and Wood both got this wrong.